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CACFP-Creditable Meal Plans

for Home Daycare Providers

We make perfect meal plans so you don't have to.



✓ You're wasting time rule-checking
✓  You're getting food program deductions
✓  You're spending money on unnecessary groceries
✓  You're always searching for meal ideas
✓ You're serving the same old meal rotation
✓ Your kids aren't learning to like new foods

If you want someone to take meal planning off your plate, Meal Plans for Home Daycare is what you’ve been waiting for.


You need a plan for what to serve each week.

Too many home daycare providers spend their precious time and energy trying to come up with a meal plan each week. Instead of spending time with the kids (the reason you signed up for daycare in the first place) you’re pinteresting recipes, trying to remember all the rules, and end up serving the same old meals. It’s time to finally stop worrying about meal planning and just get back to the kids. The meal planning bundle has everything you need for effortless meals week after week.

When you buy, you’ll not only get a menu for the upcoming week delivered to your phone - you’ll also get the accompanying grocery list and two recipes for the week. All crafted specifically for home daycare providers.


Stop Meal Planning Overnight



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Receive the Meal Plan

Receive your meal plan every week or month, according to your membership.


Sigh a Breath of Relief

Know that every week, meal planning has been taken off your plate.


Access Our Powerful Free Resources to Make Your Job Easier

Have Picky Eaters?

Proven strategies for home daycare providers to combat picky eating. And win.

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Need Some Lunch Recipes?

CACFP creditable, real-food, kid-friendly recipe book made just for home daycare providers.

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Meet your meal planner

Londa Tindle, CMP, CCNP

As a food program sponsor, Londa saw firsthand how stressful meal planning was on home daycare providers. Determined to help them serve high-quality meals without getting overwhelmed, she created weekly meal plans so they could spend more time and energy on the kids. Now, she’s sharing the meal plans with you.

✓  23+ years as a CACFP home daycare sponsor

✓  Certified CACFP Child Nutrition Professional (CCNP)

✓  Certified CACFP Management Professional (CMP)

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