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5 Reasons why Paying for Meal Plans is Better than Getting Them Free

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2021

The Meal Plans for Daycares isn't free. You may be wondering what we could possibly be offering that free menus (like cycle menus floating around on the internet) don't.

1. We Guarantee No Deductions

If you follow our menus and get a deduction, we'll pay you the deduction amount and get in touch with your sponsor to rectify the issue. A cycle menu can't do that. In our experience, the average monthly deduction for home daycare providers is about $24.

2. We Stay Up to Date with the Constantly Changing Rules

As you well know, the rules in the CACFP are constantly changing. They can be overwhelming to keep up with, especially if you're new or busy (who isn't?). Our menus are always up to date with the most recent federal CACFP guidelines so you don't have to double-check if those menus you pointed out three years ago are creditable or not.

3. We're a One-Stop-Shop

Not only do we offer weekly menus created specifically for home daycare providers, but we offer the corresponding grocery list in two different formats. Did we mention it links to Walmart pickup? We also include a couple of optional recipes with each week. You can just serve the components from the menu, you can pick your own recipe, or you can use yours. You're in control here

4. We Follow Best Practices (that are always updated)

There are the CACFP rules, then there are the best practices which are a step above. The CACFP best practices aim for the best nutrition possible, not just the minimum requirement. Like the rules, these change all the time. Don't worry, we keep up with it so you don't have to.

5. We Have an App

You can access our menus with two clicks on your phone from the dinner table, kitchen, grocery store, or wherever you may need to. You can see them from your computer too. We also deliver them to your email and they are printer-friendly (for you binder lovers out there).

6. TKM is a tax write off

That's right. Every monthly payment can be claimed on your taxes as a business subscription, office expense, etc.


We're guessing you're starting to question whether or not those cycle menus are really worth it or not. If you'd like to try the Meal Plans for Daycares, try a month for week on the house and decide for yourself.


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