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Meal Plans Designed for Home Daycare Providers

A meal plan subscription so easy to use, you can forget meal planning and focus on what's important - the kids!

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Simple Meals

Meal planning and rule checking can be a sticky point for many home daycare providers. Our meals help eliminate the planning process so you can focus on spending time with your kiddos - the most important part of daycare.


We only use simple, whole foods that kids love and are good for them - nothing weird to see here!

CACFP Guaranteed (!)

We guarantee our meals are always creditable (if you get a deduction, we'll pay it) and follow the Healthier CACFP Guidelines. Our menus are fresh each week -so they're always up to date with the rules!


Each meal is listed by the components you list out on your paperwork, so there's no guessing what's what!

Substitution Friendly

Serve the meals on whatever day you feel like it and feel free to sub components from the same food group. You know what your kids will and won't eat!

Never Lose Your Meal Plan

The Kid Menus app enables you to see your menu, grocery list, and recipes any time from your phone.



Grocery List

Get back to your kiddos and let our grocery list do the tedious stuff for you. Whether you're ordering groceries online oshopping in person, you can grab the list and trust it has everything you need to get your shopping done quickly, get what you need, and save money.

Walmart-Pickup Enabled

The weekly grocery list is linked to Walmart Grocery Pickup. Just click on the item you need on our list, and it will show up on your Walmart order.


The grocery list comes in PDF form for those who like a physical list (we do love checking things off our list!)

Meals Included on List

The menu is listed on the shopping list so you can see what each ingredient on the list is for. 

Essentials at a Glance

The list is color-coded to show what is essential (creditable) for the menu, and what is an extra.

How It Works


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2. Recieve the Meal Plan Every Week

The Meal Plan will be delivered to your email, the app, and your browser every Wednesday.

3. Acess Anytime, Anywhere

The entire Meal Plan is accessible 24/7 from the app or to download (or print) from your email or browser.


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"I have a little boy who tells me every day that I'm the best "cooker" in town and I whole heartily contribute that to the Kid Menus! It takes the guessing game out and I'm not scrambling week after week to figure something out."
Home Daycare Provider

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Makes meal planning effortless

✨ Meals, Grocery List, Recipes

✨ Walmart Pickup Enabled

✨ 100% CACFP Guaranteed

✨ Mobile App

✨ Weekly Delivery

✨ Billed monthly





Makes meal planning effortless

✨ Meals, Grocery List, Recipes

✨ Walmart Pickup Enabled

✨ 100% CACFP Guaranteed

✨ Mobile App

✨ Weekly Delivery

✨ Billed yearly

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Easy Recipes

No need to search Pinterest every time you feel stuck in a rut. Our recipes are easy and made for home daycares. That means they'll take out the guesswork so you can whip something up in a flash.

Scaled for Home Daycare

All the recipes are automatically scaled for 10 kid-sized portions, so there's no guesswork, and (more importantly) no math!

Optional, Always!

The menus are perfectly creditable without using ANY recipe at all. But if you're stuck in a rut, we include two that work well and kids love.

Easy for CACFP

Each recipe designates which items are creditable, and which are just extras, so you'll always know what to turn in for your paperwork.

"If you haven’t tried this DO IT!!!! One of the best things I signed up for as a provider!!!"


Home Daycare Provider

Sticking to the grocery list they give me saves me at least $40-$60 per week on groceries


Home Daycare Provider

"Even my picky eaters eat multiple helpings!"


Home Daycare Provider

Using The Kid Menus has just been a total game-changer for me!


Home Daycare Provider

Just Need Some Meal Ideas?

We post creditable meal ideas every weekday on our Facebook group. If you want some recipes, you can download our Lunch Recipe E-Book.

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